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Fungsi Pembulatan pada XML Blogger

Pembulatan angka ke bawah:

<b:with value='5.2857' var='input'>
  <b:comment>Convert 5.2857 to 5.0000</b:comment>
  <b:with value='data:input - data:input % 1' var='output'>
    <b:eval expr='data:output'/>


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I asked my dear friend Zakaria Mouhid and rounded the number 5.2857 to 5.0000 and succeeded completely .... but later I needed to remove all the zeros and convert or replace the number 5.0000 to 5 only .... and I asked my friend Igoy Nawamreh about how to turn the number 5.0000 To number 5 and solved by deleting all the zeros and in the end were zeros from the number 5.0000 to come back 5, with the help of my dear brothers Zakaria Mouhid and Igoy Nawamreh but someone will ask me what you will do by rounding and converting these numbers .. Here is the answer .. I used it to build a pagation number system are different from everyone else and I've done it with a little javascript


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